Time is in our Brains

It all happens in our brains.

We are living an illusion. Imagine the time you are working on something you like. You are in the zone, drifted away just to find it has been hours which felt like minutes. Then think about those long travels you did during your childhood. These long, boring car drives. Time would stop.

Stop reading this, hold your breath for a second and close your eyes. Experience “nothing” happening. Your consciousness will experience stillness. Still, there will be billions of activities going on in your body. Trillions of cells won’t stand still. They will experience “time” in a wild pace.

Universe is 13.8 billion years old. Earth is 4.54 billion. Humans are around for the last 200.000 years. Likely, you are around not more than 100 years. Everything you know, everything you will ever know, all you believe is important. All whom you love, all what is happening to them, all your values, all your anger, love, all it is just a brief moment in life of universe. As you can’t experience time as your cells do, the way you experience time has nothing to do with how universe observes time. It is as if, the smaller you are the slower time gets.

As it all happens in our brains, it is just an experience.

Sit there, close your eyes. Try to feel time. Try to feel what you are leaving behind, into what you are moving. Can you feel it?

I bet you won’t.


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