Oz Akan

Life is the fraction of being, a game of time on the matter.

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Time is in our Brains

It all happens in our brains.

We are living an illusion. Imagine the time you are working on something you like. You are in the zone, drifted away just to find it has been hours which felt like minutes. Then think about those long travels you did during your childhood. These long, boring car drives. Time would stop.

Stop reading this, hold your breath for a second and close your eyes. Experience “nothing” happening. Your consciousness will experience stillness. Still, there will be billions of activities going on in your body. Trillions of cells won’t stand still. They will experience “time” in a wild pace.

Universe is 13.8 billion years old. Earth is 4.54 billion. Humans are around for the last 200.000 years. Likely, you are around not more than 100 years. Everything you know, everything you will ever know, all you believe is important. All whom you love, all what is happening to...

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I am Suspicious of Time

I feel suspicious about the existence of time.

One can observe time only if there is movement. Think about it, if nothing moves… You are looking out to the street and no one moves, no bird flies, no cloud changes its location, no voice travels through the air… Nothing happens, as if you are looking at a picture taken a little while ago. You keep looking at that image right in front of your eyes, nothing has changed for the last 10 minutes. If you wait 10 more days nothing will change. You can’t see time in that image. You can’t find time in a picture. Time doesn’t seem to exist when nothing moves.

Think about your thinking. It is actually brain cells communicating with each other through an electrochemical process. That is a movement between brain cells. Going back to our still street, if we are talking about complete stillness, then there shouldn’t be any brain activity, which also...

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It is a state of mind. It jumps from mind to mind. The more potential you have the bigger it’s impact is. It is contagious. It infects others around us, teams, organizations, companies. It has a name since mid 16th century and describes the state of mind when one feels she is not able to achieve something she wants to. This feeling, makes us accept we couldn’t achieve, even worse we can’t achieve. We start the sentence, “No matter what I did…”

We all know about viruses and how they spread. I have been thinking on ideas and how they spread. Some do same math on social applications to see how they spread. There is this term “basic reproduction number”. It can be thought of as the number of cases one case generates on average over the course of its infectious period. The bigger this number is the faster virus / infection will spread. You want this number to be big for your social...

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Decision Management

Once, I felt, I had too much to do. Too many tasks, more than I could ever finish. Too many puzzles that are waiting to be solved at the same time. You know that feeling of being trapped, being powerless, anxious and broken…

Then, I recognized that neither the number of tasks nor the pressure of deadlines, would change how many of these I could deliver. I could work eight hours productively, maybe a few hours more once in a while. Being a regular human being and being in denial of my regularity, I found that what I am able to deliver wouldn’t change by how much I was asked to deliver. I could produce only so much. I almost can’t choose what is thrown at me. I accepted that.

It was one of these moments, all of a sudden, you would see the world around differently. You would observe the same problem but with an answer attached to it this time. Some call it “aha” moment, some call it a...

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I ran, ran and ran

I said, I will run 8 miles, 3 days in a row. I did it as well. First day was easy. Considering that my best time for 8 miles is 60 minutes, I didn’t push myself at all and finished 8 miles in 63 minutes. The following day, I was tired but didn’t feel much like until the last few miles. I finished in 65 minutes. Third day, from the start my legs were feeling heavy, sluggish with some pain at my calves. Regardless, I ran, ran and ran. Last two miles, more than once, I wanted to quit. Didn’t. When my garmin beeped the eight time, I slowed down, ran a bit more and stopped. I completed in 67 minutes. Everyday I got 2 minutes (15 seconds/mile) slower still I think I did well. First time in my life I ran two consecutive days for 8 miles each and then three consecutive days for 8 miles each. In total, ~25 miles, almost a marathon distance. I don’t think I can ever run all that all at once.


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Obsessed with Automation

I am pretty much obsessed with automation at this point. On my free time, I was working on a script that will create a salt-master with salt-cloud configuration and a file_roots folder pulled from the provided github repo.

With one command and after some minutes a developer could have her own sandbox environment where she can test her latest patch then she can destroy it as soon as not needed knowing that it is only one command / click to create exactly same environment.

When you are addicted, you don’t know where to stop. Now I am writing a salt execution module to be able to create salt-cloud configuration files while salt-master is being configured. Some python requests library magic. I could easily copy a static file for profiles but it was not automated enough.

When obsessed, you just don’t know where to stop.

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Hello World!

This is my first post on svbtle which I believe is different from other blog sites by supporting markdown. I am using jekyll for www.humankeyboard.com so I have full control on the site. Though, for a personal blog, I preferred something simpler while still being powerful. Medium, also has a beautiful interface, even simpler but doesn’t support markdown. I like collections under medium. Svbtle has magazine but I think it is not similar. I also have blog.ozgurakan.com which is a tumlr site, simple and has mobile applications on both android and ios but very limited. (I mean limited in terms of formatting. Otherwise it has nice distinction between post types which I like a lot.) So I use it more for inspiring quotes and sharing some ideas in short paragraphs. Soon I will start building a site called saltstack.me completely about Salt. I think I will use jekyll so it can be edited by...

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